Managed Care portfolio Management


So many practices and other organizations simply neglect their contracts.  This lack of attention reduces your revenue.  A managed care portfolio requires constant attention. R&L can relieve you of this burden and enhance your operations. The days of demanding certain rates of reimbursement are over. Today you must build a case that combines a combination of factors including leverage, local market rates, competition, network referrals and site of service. By putting your portfolio on a schedule you will not miss deadlines and opportunities. It is a far better strategy to ensure annual or bi annual increases than expect an insurance company to make you whole when through your neglect you failed to renegotiate for three, four or even more years. After your contracts are brought up to date through our management this will not occur again. The experience is now even more difficult with Exchange products, Accountable Care Organizations, and other hybrids entering the market. With our expertise we can navigate you through even more “troubled waters”.