Look to R&L for financial alignment and your balance sheet will be the picture of health.


The healthcare industry is plagued these days with economic pressures and uncertainty. Strategies entered into without proper risk assessment cost more than you ever bargained for. The key to sound financial alignment in healthcare is identifying smart opportunities where you can develop relationships with organizations that bring complementary assets and allow for healthy synergy. The new healthcare reform will make this increasingly important as it forces entities to come together in unique and creative ways. Accountable Care Organizations are right around the corner, but focused insight and proper planning are critical to bring about a win-win for everyone involved.

Healthcare strategic partnerships to grow on.


Forging strategic alliances between hospitals, healthcare systems, physicians and other key entities requires a clear understanding of what each of these entities brings to the table, how each one maximizes revenue, and where there is potential for mutual success. R&L is well versed in the strengths and weakness of all types of healthcare providers and facilities and has a proven track record of putting solid, profitable partnerships in place. Plus, we’ll help you stay clear of any Stark conflicts. R&L uncovers where, when and how you’ll benefit from alignment and walk you through step-by-step. The right partner can open the door to these skills as well as other upsides such as improved services, an increase in market share and a relief from the pressures of ever-increasing capital needs. For instance, a physician would find it much easier to obtain capital by joining forces with a strong hospital that brings size and a powerful credit rating to the qualification criteria. You can count on R&L to structure, negotiate and implement these partnerships so you can reap the financial rewards.


R&L’s comprehensive healthcare market research also looks at how you compare to other providers in the area. Where do you fall in the market share rankings? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do they do well, and how can you stand out? While you’re monitoring your patient’s blood pressure and reviewing their charts, R&L is busy evaluating your data to see where the most significant performance and financial gains can be realized. Then we’ll develop a clear course of action to make it happen, and manage the entire process for you.


Make financial alignment through R&L Healthcare Advisors the first step of your get well plan.