Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 1.44.53 PMMarc Lazarus

President & CEO


Former CEO of three successful hospitals and often dubbed the “turn-around-champ”, our team leader Marc Lazarus incites effective action wherever he goes. Several decades of comprehensive healthcare administration experience, a solid educational background and his cut-to-the-chase style is a winning combination for institutions that rely on Mr. Lazarus as their healthcare consultant.


Earning a Bachelors of Science degree from Boston University and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University, Mr. Lazarus entered the healthcare field in 1974. Since then he has established himself as a key leader in the healthcare community. Early in his career, Mr. Lazarus assumed full responsibility for the inception, development and operation of Hampton Hospital in New Jersey. The success of this facility prompted a prosperous accomplished career in assuring hospitals deliver high quality care while excelling financially.


More recent endeavors include working with Sarasota Memorial Hospital as Senior Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer. As a member of the senior leadership team, he led the hospital in receiving many accolades, including being cited in the Top 50 US News and World Report, among other national recognitions. Mr. Lazarus utilized numerous strategies and was involved in creating successfully implemented physician-health facility alliances. These one-of-a-kind solutions enable healthcare institutions to flourish on a humanitarian level while growing as a tight business-savvy institution. One of the many revered programs is the health coverage business coalition or ‘look-alike’ venture. He established this look a like venture which grew in the first three years to over 35,000 lives from 300+ companies in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.


In his role as the president of the PHO he managed a 500+ physician network. Mr. Lazarus also created Charter Health Plan. The State of Florida is considering using this medical model for future Medicaid reform. Mr. Lazarus has earned an excellent track record of growing successful healthcare companies as a trusted healthcare advisor. From marketing to joint ventures, he has done a stellar job in utilizing his breadth of knowledge for the benefit of those he has worked with.


In 2005, ML decided it was time to add consulting to his resume. “I wanted our firm to be different from most consultants I had encountered over the years. We are focused on creative solutions to your issues but we enhance the experience by excellent customer service. We are different in that we will be with you the whole way as solutions are implemented.” We pride ourselves on individualized resolutions and approaches as one size does not fit all.